About us

The ethno household, restaurant and apartments of “Zornica kuca” are located in the village of Bacevac, and spread over three acres of idyllic Sumadija landscape, with an unusual view of Kosmaj on the one side and Lipovac forest on the other.

 Even this household and all its contents offer you a unique opportunity to relax from everyday stress and remind you of the ease of rural life, either as you remember it from the childhood or how you imagine it.

 Our desire is to awake in you a forgotten childhood in the village, and to those who did not have it to bring  imagination. The kindness of hosts and staff as well as the overall ambience will make your stay unusual. You will feel like you  come to your relatives and we will make sure that it really is.

 Zornica apartments  are a pearl in the offer of our household. They are decorated in a modern way, but the look is reflected in past times, while functionality and comfort are at the highest level. As a prize for this  we have four stars for the quality of ethno household.

The beds are equipped with a linen mad of good damask. Each room has a modern and nicely decorated bathroom with shower and all necessary cosmetics. The floor heating will contribute the best comfort and  each visitor will be satisfied. You can watch all cable programs that can be provided on the LCD TV screen, and also use the free wireless internet.

Three double rooms with single beds, eight double rooms and one apartment are made of natural materials: wood, stone, brick. The colors are natural and the furniture is made of solid wood. The concierge consists of a reception-cafe, a garden, a modern conference room for 25 people.

 Within Zornica kuca, for four years, there is a camp with twenty parking spaces. Showers, clean toilets, chemical toilet, fire place, laundry wash are all available to our guests.

Ethno house consists of a restaurant located in a hundred years old building. A few different seating areas in front and behind the house or in the woods, and a covered wooden garden are thematically arranged with an impression on past times. They are best illustrated by the old carpets spread around the meadows and around the restaurants where guests have lunch  and drink their drinks. At the same time, our guests can feel the smell of old dishes that are prepared  in their vicinity. Old bakeries, crock, SAC and specialties from them simply force you look at it.

 The desire of the host is to bring their visitors closer to the way of life in the old Serbian household, so the specialties offered in the restaurant are national and traditional dishes, such as a large selection of chees, homemade pies and homemade ajvar, janija, chicken on the Barajevo way, Imperial chicken and a remarkable barbecue with a kebab that is our pride.

 Besides the restaurants, within this hospitable Ethno household, there is plenty of content that will allow you to feel just like you are in the countryside. This is, for example, exhibition space for old and rare items, souvenir shop, Eco Wood stage, our cultural scene, studio for painting

You can visit and enjoy the works of this artist on canvases and some of the walls of Zornica kuca. Zornica kuca has been host to many fine art and sculpting artists.

 What is especially interesting for families is the fact that Zornića kuca often organizes some activities. Puppet shows, clowns for children, tree planting, concerts, folklore, ethno wall competition, tasting of brandy and wine …

 Get your little ones from the city and let  them learn about life in the village just 20 kilometers from Belgrade. Our offer includes outdoor playgrounds, mini-zoo, outdoor games, volleyball, mini-football, riding school …

 Zornica kuca is more than home. It is a garden, restaurant, zoo garden, picnic area, camping, art colony, accommodation, good bench and more.

You need about 40 minutes drive by car from the Belgrade Arena to Zornica kuca. It is driven mainly by the Ibarska highway and after leaving the Lipovec forest, a couple of minutes drive, you will find a road sign that directs you to the left turn to Zornica kuca. After the turn, you will pass the village of Bacevac and direct your well-placed road signs to the property itself.

When you arrive at a destination, you have a large parking space for cars from which you can directly reach Zornica kuca. The Ibarska highway is excellent road, and the route after exclusion is in good condition and runs without major problems.