Play and get hungry

In the children's camp, children will be introduced to the life in nature, learn how to burn the fire and prepare food in the open air. Birthdays can be celebrated around campfire.

Games on the computer can be replaced with old good games: football, badminton, beach volleyball ... and after a cheerful game there are various specialties of the local cuisine adapted to them.

Use imagination

Children are our joy and they should be returned to the nature as much as possible. "Zornica kuca" organizes outdoor playgrounds suitable for schools and kindergardens. The park is in area of 3 hectares and offers a huge opportunities for birthdays and baptisms. Interesting animators will arrange that your children enjoy every moment.

The best friends

It is well known that children love animals. Within the Zornica kuce park, there is a mini zoo with domestic animals, where children can stay with them, feed them. Riding school is especially interesting for horse lovers.