Zornica Kuca household is full of theater, film, concerts. The entire work of our artist Derox is located in the painting studio. Murals of Desanka Maksimovic, Aleksa Santic, Ivo Andric, adorn the walls of the house.

In our household various series are filmed. Actors from Atelje 212 are our regular guests. Their manager Brstina and actress Anica Dobra planted their tree.

Let's dance

The ambience of our house is suitable for a literary evening, where you are relaxed and you can listen and talk. We are constantly entertained by various artists: the brothers Teofilovic, NAKolo, KUD Lola, AKUD Abrasevic ... We especially look forward to dance folklore.

These bright and cheerful colors of beautiful nature led the filmmakers to record videos that promote Serbia. We are also the initiators of many projects: environmental protection, cultural heritage and country dance (a collection of 130 rugs.. We are dealing with humanitarian work with love.

Our Heritage

Tradition and culture is something that Zornica Kuca is different from other ethno households. Beside our Serbian atmosphere, we also have warm relationships with other cultures, with a filling that Zornica Kuca is a house for the people all around the world. As a good host, we transmit the culture and warmth of Serbia to the others nations. The cultural heritage that you can feel is varied: objects from the end of the 19th century, ambience, folklore, handicraft, menu, delicious food, cheese pie ..