Four Seasons

Spring and Autumn

Warm spring and autumn colors are inviting you to relax. The sky is blue and spattered by clouds, fields and forest are green. Ideal for relaxation.

If you feel a drop of rain or a splash, there is a closed garden, from which, along with various ethno food, you can enjoy the environment. It's like a fairy tale.

Hot summer in the shade

In the summer days, you can escape from the city heat and go 30 km from Belgrade in the village of Bacevac. As captured in time, this ethno household offers traditional food, enjoyment in nature, and lying on the carpets.

To complete the weekend Zornica kuca offers more facilities such as: mini zoo, children's playground, mini horse pony and racing horses for riding enthusiasts. Wake up, take only good mood, warm tires and go straight to the Zornica kuca.

winter so what

Green nature goes to sleep and wakes up the fireplace. Although there is no cheerful chirping of birds and coldness is all around, winter days are full of joy.

Winter silence breaks up childish noise and creaking of wooden sleds. Dressed in warm clothes, boys and girls with a smile on their face run across a white snowThe other a little bit older will enjoy the beauty of the winter by walking on the deep snow or sit with boiled wine and brandy next to our fireplace. A beautiful view from the window of our restaurant, tasseled in the New year's eve , makes you feel you are in a sort of unreal world.