SAC covered with hot coal

Meat, bread or pies baked under the SAC are extraordinary! When you bake veal or lamb meat and put potatoes and vegetables near it, it gives a special smell to the meat. Taste becomes fantastic.

Once upon the time our ancestors baked their main meals just like this, most often for holidays and celebrations. Ethno house Zornica kuca does it every day. The point is that you have to cover baking bell with the coal, then put a meet in it (or potato and vegetables), cover it with SAC (mainly made of metal) and add charcoal and ash from the fireplace.

Everything prepared like this has extraordinary taste. And if you take a glass of some good wine .., a fantastic filling.


The beginning of your frendship with our house can be with coffee served in the fildzan. The copper pot is a part of this ritual, and also a sweet “ratluk”. Choose more than one traditional dish, carefully selected to satisfy all your senses..

For the appetizer we recommend goat cheese from Stara Planina and “kajmak” from BAJINA BASTA. The Bacevac meze is complemented by the finest cheese from PIROT. Gourmet meals are the best in NEGOTIN, so for that reason sausages comes from that region. In the vicinity of KOSMAJ we pick truffles, from which we prepare various sauces for the finest beefsteak..

Only domestic

A glass of brandy and good wine raise the mood, stir up emotions and make the atmosphere special. We collected the best from Serbia. Brandy Men's Thunder with 12 grasses from Pešter, as well as special brandy made of red fruits or honey.

And wine ... ah that white, black, rose, desert, sparkling ... made of grape from Negotin, Toplola, Fruska Gora, Župa. And finally, sweet deserts made by traditional recipes from our region.