Riding school

The ethno house "Zornica kuca" keeps a tradition and culture of equestrian sport. 4 Arabian horses, 2 ponies and 2 donkeys are hiding in the stable. We have paled up with the riding school Bela Griva from the Hippodrome, because as they say, "We love horses and nature and we want to transfer this love to you"

For the youngest, horseback riding is organized in order to love the horses from youth.


Celebrate your child's birthday on the grass, in nature, next to the animals that invite them to play.

Gladden their friends. The youngest can ride a pony, Petra or Jim, and those little older can choose either dark or white horse. Blow off the candles under the clear sky of Bacevac.


A little adventure outside of the city will please you with riding a horse through the beautiful landscape of the Lipovacka forest.

You can rent a horse here and enjoy the warmth and love that only a horse can give you.. Come to ride with us and enjoy with the most beautiful animals in the world.